Dictionary Downloads

FreeDict dictionaries are stored in a generic file format which allows the conversion into other formats. Different dictionary applications understand different output formats (also known as platforms) and we offer our dictionaries for as many platforms as possible.

Smartphones And Tablets

We provide our dictionaries in the slob format, an advanced format understood by the Aard2 dictionary program for Android. Just download Aard2 from the playstore or from F-Droid. Finally, download one of our dictionaries below to your smartphone.


For desktop computers, you are free to choose between a variety of dictionary programs. The most popular and advanced is probably GoldenDict. It can read many formats, including the dictd format. Just download the archive below to your computer, unpack it and then select import from the menu within GoldenDict.

Hint on windows: The archives are in the .tar.xz format. If you are unable to unpack this archive format, please download a program like 7-Zip.

Source and API

If you want to browse through our source, you have several options. We develop our dictionaries openly on GitHub. You can get a fresh copy with

$ git clone

Automatically imported dictionaries are not present in this source tree, since they don't need versioning. The importers for those dictionaries is in the tools repository, which is required for building anyway:

$ git clone

Have a look at the FreeDict HOWTO.

If you are interested in the source files of all dictionaries, you can use the FreeDict API to retrieve information about all source releases.